Do not worry – There is a caring lord

Its hard to go by everyday with so many worries and responsibilities and decisions.

This is what we think, why not put the burden and trust on the father?

He who feeds the birds of the air, will he not take care of you?

So its simple, trust and do not worry cause he is up above to take hold and guide you.


Busy Monday

As I started the day today, it was easy going, but later it got real messy.

Lots of new work at the office and had little time to grab a bite.

The one thing that cheered me up was that, I was able to wrap most things up with god’s hand right beside me.

I felt his wondrous presence beside me !!

Praise be to him !!

Morning Music

Today, I just went to Live365 Internet Radio and searched for Christian Music.

I started listening to channels and now I say to myself, what was I listening to all this time, how did I miss this?

Praise and worship that can be done to the lord is way of following him.

Jesus said, “Follow me”, its such any easy statement, Have we tried doing that, it’s Hard !!

I will take this challenge today and follow him.

Praise be to him !!

Second chance at Life -1

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

It was the usual routine of everyday life that I was following.

Then there was this early morning moment, which made me realize that I need to do something, not walk the walk of life but take the narrow path which many chosen have followed.

I needed a writing pad to share what I feel in sentences, in words and in letters and here I am.— Writing !!